We recently got back from Qatar. For us, the season has just kicked off with a positive outcome, and I think we need to be satisfied with having made it onto the podium in Qatar.

The truth is that we have improved since the pre-season tests began although there’s a lot more work left to do. The team worked very hard to make it possible, and we’ve also improved on last year’s results. So as I was telling you, we’re leaving Qatar quite happy because of this.

When we got to Losail, the wind and the rain took us by surprise. We were a bit afraid as to how it would affect the GP, but thankfully it was all fine in the end!

By the way, as usual at the beginning of every season, we went into the studio to take pictures and make videos with Dorna in Qatar. Here’s one of the pictures, so you can see how they turned out

Ahead of us now is a week of preparation as we’re already thinking about the two GP events in the Americas. It will be quite important to recover during these days as Qatar is one of the most physically demanding Grand Prix events.

I also want to make sure I send a message of encouragement to Fernando Alonso given the accident he had at the Formula 1 Australian GP. I’m glad it was nothing major. I’m sending him a huge hug, and I’m sure that this year’s season will go much better.