The annual Tout Wars fantasy baseball auctions took place this weekend in my home state of New York, at Sirius XM Radio’s Manhattan building. I returned for the 15-team mixed auction, where I fell just short of the title during the final weeks of last season.

Hopefully, my notes can help with your auctions. Note: This is a league that counts on-base percentage, not batting average, so take that into consideration when using this auction as a guideline.

1. Tiers will alleviate fears.

Honing in on one player is a terrible notion. Grouping similar names into tiers and having target amounts for each will keep your mind open.

I didn’t imagine that I would own numerous players I did on Saturday, but they made sense with the plan.

Tout Wars mixed auction results

2. You can still build a strong team if you buy aggressively early.

In mixed leagues, spreading the risk is overrated.

In the first third or so of the auction, I made it rain. Mookie Betts $32. Jonathan Lucroy$17. Carlos Carrasco $22. Edwin Encarnacion $33. Todd Frazier $27.

As long as you take breaths at certain points to get money off the board from positions where you’re already strong, you can easily spend in waves.

In mixers, single-digit and one-dollar players are more abundant and useful than they’ve been in my recent memory. Prices for top studs have increased, so the middle and back end of the player pool has become almost uniform.

3. Take advantage of extreme regression bias.

Brandon Crawford … $7. After a 21-homer season. Cool with me.

Think he can’t do that again? The 29-year-old was top-10 last year in fly-ball distance, so that exaggerated ability to leave the yard isn’t as crazy as it seems.

A 15-homer season would rank him among the top 10 shortstops. In OBP leagues, Crawford could easily deliver numbers similar to  Corey Seager’s ($18 Saturday) or a decent chunk of Xander Bogaerts’ ($21).

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