Fernando Alonso was very lucky yesterday in Australia since he survived very bad accident when he crashed with his formula.


About a third of the way through the race, the right front tire on the Spaniard’s McLaren collided with the left rear on Esteban Gutierrez’s Haas as the Mexican driver braked to make the bend at Turn 3.

Alonso’s car was launched at high speed into the trackside concrete barrier and was sent into a barrel roll, flipping twice before coming to rest in a crumpled wreck.

So violent was the force of the crash that fans were left fearing the worst before Alonso crawled out of the cockpit and limped away, shaking hands with a concerned Gutierrez and waving to the crowd.

“I’m thankful for the safety of these cars,” Alonso said. “I’m alive thanks to the job of the last 10 to 15 years of Formula One.”


Source: nzherald.co.nz