Last friday LA Galaxy played the Californian derby with San Jose and they beat them with 3-1. It was kind of easy win because almost half time San Jose played with 10 players since they recieved red card for bad foul.

Very bad moment of the game was the injury of the English legend Steven Gerrard who was attempting to track down a cleared ball when he pulled up, and he departed after an examination by medical staff.

He forced a calf problem. A calf strain is an injury to the muscles in the calf area (the back of the lower leg below the knee). The calf muscle is actually composed of up to 9 separate muscles, any of which can be injured individually or together.

Calf strains can occur during hi-speed motions like running and jumping, or from any type of forceful or uncoordinated movement. Calf strains are a well-known problem for runners, soccer and basketball players, gymnasts, and dancers.

Although global statistics are sparse, one 8-year study of professional soccer players revealed a 13% calf-strain injury rate. Advancing age can increase the vulnerability of the calf to injury and strain with less forceful movements.

Physical therapists treat individuals with calf strains by reducing pain, restoring muscle strength and flexibility, and increasing their recovery speed.

He can be out of the game for some days or weeks.