According to The Associated Press, teams were informed Thursday that the NBA and NBA Players Association have agreed to shorten this summer’s free agency moratorium by five days.

New deals struck this summer may now be signed on July 7 at midnight. Both the league and the union had to sign off on the switch, which could help both sides.

The moratorium – which exists in large part to allow the league time to calculate the exact amount of the salary cap and luxury-tax figure for the coming season – was originally scheduled for July 11th.

The moratorium will now run July 1-6.

By shortening the length of the moratorium, teams are able to lock down players sooner than if they waited the extra five days.

Though normally not an issue, there have been cases where players have made promises during the moratorium and then changed their minds once the team was able to sign them.

One such example includes DeAndre Jordan, who promised to go to the Dallas Mavericks last year, but ended up with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Free agency is expected to be particularly hectic this summer, with Kevin Durant headlining a list of players who could be on the move.

Other potential big target free agents include LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Al Horford, Pau Gasol, Mike Conley, Hassan Whiteside and DeMar DeRozan.