Mike Tyson might have the better uppercut, but his daughter has a better backhand.

Milan Tyson, 7, is a budding young tennis player at the No Quit Tennis Academy near her family’s home in Las Vegas, appropriately training under former Olympic boxer Mike Agassi, the father of Grand Slam tennis champion Andre Agassi.

So, Milan and her famous father attended the BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Southern California this week, and they joined USA TODAY Sports contributor Nick McCarvel for an interview at the ATP Masters Series event.

“This is really awesome,” the former undisputed world heavyweight champion said. “Me and my wife both never in a hundred years anticipated we’d be tennis parents and traveling around the state. It’s amazing. I’m just happy to be here. She showed the aptitude for tennis, and I’m just supporting her. I’m really lost, but this is exciting.”

Milan met her her two tennis idols — Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, who respectively advanced to the women’s semifinals and men’s quarterfinals with wins on Wednesday. Someday, the young Tyson believes she’ll reach that level, too.

Asked how many Indian Wells titles she hopes to win, Milan said, “All of them.”

That was just one of the many cute answers the less imposing Tyson offered.

Why does she like tennis? “You can do it forever, and it’s a beautiful sport.”

How hard does she hit the ball? “Very.”

Can she beat her dad on the court? “Yeah, pretty much, ’cause he’s terrible.”

Not quite the “I will eat your children” response the elder Tyson offered up to Lennox Lewis all those years ago, but it’ll do. And you’ve got to love Iron Mike’s response to his daughter’s dig: “I love her, though. I don’t mind. She can do that.”