The New York Mets’ star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes made headlines this Spring Training for driving a different car to the field each day. One of the vehicles he drove was a $65,000 tricycle. Now another professional athlete is in the news for what he drives — and it’s pretty much the opposite of Cespedes’s three-wheeler.

Kawhi Leonard, of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, was profiled by Lee Jenkins in Sports Illustrated this week, and while most of the feature is about why the 24 year old is one of the best young players in the league — he works incredibly hard and was the Finals MVP in 2014 — some details about his personal finance savvy have gotten a lot of attention.

Here’s an excerpt: “Leonard spends his summers in a two-bedroom apartment in San Diego” and he “often drives a rehabbed ‘97 Chevy Tahoe, nicknamed Gas Guzzler, which he drove across Southern California’s Inland Empire as a teenager. ‘It runs,’ Leonard explains, ‘and it’s paid off.’” (Read the full profile here.)

Leonard signed a $90 million 5-year contract in 2015. The Kelley Blue Book value for a 1997 Tahoe is $1,152.