FIFA statement submitted documents to US authorities in an attempt to return tens of millions of dollars that are illegally appropriated by a bunch of previous members of this organization and blames it instead for the development of football, they have spent on a lavish life.

The new president of FIFA launched for the cleanup of corruption which is made in the FIFA under his predecessor Sepp Blatter. He accuses of stealing tens of millions of dollars and sent a statement to the Public Prosecutor of the United States of 22 pages.

According to Gianni Infantino in dirty games included 41 members of FIFA and other football people by asking all the stolen money to be refunded.


“Convicted people accused FIFA made serious and permanent damage to FIFA, as well as their members and other football organizations. They pocketed the money belonging to the development and promotion of football. FIFA is a worldwide organization of football wants that money back and is determined to get them, no matter how much it will last. Over many years the defendants grossly abused their positions to enrich themselves and made huge financial damages, ” – said Infantino.

He requested and return the fees, expenses and bonuses from corrupt members of FIFA during their reign, and major legal costs incurred in cleaning up the crime organization.

Infantino in a statement supported by documents appointed vice president of FIFA Jack Warner, Zack Blazer and Jeffrey Webb, and the sons of Warner who is suspended for life in football.

For the first time he writes that FIFA recognized duty of $ 10 million he received Warner and Blazer vote for South Africa to host the World Cup in 2010. Warner who still is fighting extradition from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States, receiving bribes from Morocco in their bid to host the World Cup in 1998.

“The defendants diverted the money not only FIFA, but by players, coaches and fans. These dollars are earmarked for the construction of soccer fields, not houses and pools, football equipment, no jewelry and cars to finance the young players and their development, not a lavish life. When FIFA will return the money back, they will be directed back to their original purpose: the welfare and development of international football, ” – said the head of FIFA.

The number of stolen money from FIFA investigation which included the United States and Switzerland can reach up to 100 million dollars, the statement said FIFA requesting violations in the work of their predecessors.