Is there anything worse in a Fantasy league than looking at the standings and seeing a team named, “Jeff’s Team”?

I submit to you, there is not!

Every spring, we all go through out cheat sheets and our rankings and we figure out where we’d draft our sleepers and which busts we’re going to avoid. But at some point, we’re going to sit down and do the real hard decision-making – imagining new Fantasy Baseball team names to pick from.

With old players getting shoved out of the league, rookies and prospects are pushing their way into MLB lineups. That means we have to start thinking of some good new Fantasy team names for them! It might even be a case of a non-rookie coming off a breakout season that’s deserving of a new team name!

That’s why I went out and tracked down some of the best new team names for your Fantasy Baseball team in 2016.


  • Ball Thor
  • Addison Avenue
  • Leader of North Correa
  • Mookie Monsters
  • Lindor/Outdoor Carpeting
  • Sano Means Sano
  • Unbreakable Paulie Goldschmidt
  • Schock Joc
  • A.J. Cron’s Disease
  • Anal Pollocks
  • Mets Matz’s Mutts
  • Byung-Ho Park Factors
  • Schwar-Machine


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Source: SportsGrid