In the world of football there are always very funny and not logic agreements between the clubs and the players. In a situation where three or four sides must be happy – the result is always funny.


On 2nd March 2010 Oxlade Chamberlain had his debut for Southampton, team where he played since he was seven. For the first team he played when he had 16 years and 199 days, so he became the second youngest player who played for Southampton after Theo Walcot.

Southampton in that time played in third division but they were promoted. This season he scored 9 goals for his club and he played very well all the time. That play was noticed by Arsene Wenger so from 2011 they bought him and he became a Gunner!

The transfer fee was around 12 – 15 million pounds depends of his number of appearances in the games. In the agreement it was a clause where it said: If he plays more than 20 minutes of a game, Arsenal should pay to Southampton 10 000 pounds!


And because Wenger is knew like very cheap coach, he let Oxlade Chamberlain to go inside the match always after 71 minute, so he saved a lot of money for his club.

Oxlade Chamberlain this season went inside the game in 72 minute against Stoke, 73 minute against Liverpool, 72nd against Coventry, 76th against Norwich, 76th against Fulham, 86th against Tottenham, 76th against Swansea, 73rd against West Ham, 71st against Swansea again and 75th against Reading.

Southampton went to court about this case, asking for the 10.000 pounds, because they counted also the injury time of all the games, but they lost, the court decided in favour of Arsenal.