The former player of Real Madrid, Steve McManaman , which played two seasons alongside with Zinedine Zidane, he said that he is very surprised that Zidane even made it to the role of coach.

He told the media that Zizu was very quiet at the practices and but very big professional and hard working guy.

I never believed that Zidane will be coach one day, I can’t believe that he is coaching Real Madrid. He was never a player who has the last word in the team. I was hoping that Fernando Hierro will have that role in the team, because he knew Spanish and he was the real leader of the team. Hierro was the coach on the field. When Zizu came in the team he didn’t know the language and he was very quiet. He was incredible football player, working his practice very professional and going home directly after it. He is definitely a kind of coach who is not shouting on the player but have all the respect from them” – says Steve.

The English wing played in Real Madrid from 1999 till 2003 playing 152 games and scored 14 goals.