The Spanish midfielder is going in his 32 year of life. Played more than 120 games in Arsenal but still didn’t have luck with his health so far.

A lot of injuries in the past made him sit on the bench and not to play a lot of important matches for London’s team. Arsene Wenger won’t be happy again after this kind of bad news, also for him and his fans.

Last informations that we have from the Gunners is that he had injured his tendon and he wont be able to play till the end of this season!

“The rehabilitation of Santiago is not going by the plan. The knee is getting better but he has new and big problems with his tendon. We decided that is best for him not to make practice for a while so we can see how the tendon will respond and make decision about his future” – says Wenger.

This is one more big problem in Wenger’s squad, after the injuries of Chamberlain, Rosicky and Wilshere.