Even now in 2016 , after so many good soccer seasons in MLS and a lot more soccer stars from Europe still soccer needs more attention and popularity.

Many international players in MLS talk about the benefits of living in the US and Canada in deciding to come to the league. Of course, for a certain class of those international players, the experience is quite unlike what they’re accustomed to at home.

One of those in the latter group is New York City FC midfielder Andrea Pirlo. The World Cup and UEFA Champions League winner has accomplished nearly everything in his native Italy, and his long, distinguished career has made him one of the most popular people in his country. Off the field, that means he can’t go anywhere without being recognized.

But living in New York City is an entirely different experience, as Pirlo explained to the the New York Times Style Magazine in a profile on the superstar. It seems the ability to walk around the city in near-anonymity is a real benefit for him now that he’s playing in MLS.

‘‘Just being able to go out to dinner at the trendiest restaurants — in Italy, I can’t do that,’’ said Pirlo in the story.

Be sure to check out more about Pirlo’s experience off the field in New York and see how he takes advantage of being out of the limelight in the profile.



Source: mlssoccer.com