The beginning of tonight’s match in London was most of the time on Arsenal’s part of the pitch. Barcelona were attacking a lot, creating a lot of chances and had better ball possession.

If you can see the stats from the first half it was 29% ball possession for Arsenal and 71% for the Spanish team. The MSN trio was in nice shape but they couldnt find the solution to score a goal.

The biggest chance in first half had Leo Messi when he missed the goal shooting with his head. Anyway, the score of half time was 0-0.


Second half started with Neymar’s chance when he received a great pass inside the box and missed a golden chance. The goalkeeper pulled off a stunning save.

On 60th minute we saw an amazing chance from Arsenal’s attacker Giroud, but ter Stegen made brilliant save to keep his goal clear.

Neymar played a lovely pass into the box and found Lionel Messi. He tried his luck from close range and coolly striked the ball into the back of the net. It was goal for Barcelona in 71st minute.



Later Luis Suarez drifted into the box to force his team mate to send him the ball. He received a fantastic pass and fired from close range, but it crashed against the right post! It could have been a brilliant goal, unlucky.

On 84 minute was all over, when Leo Messi scored easy from the penalty spot, when they were awarded after Flamini’s foul in the penalty box.

The match finished 0-2 and Barcelona have great advantage before the match in Spain in two weeks.