Bayern shown today that they can play very good not only in Germany but also in other countries as well.

They played very good first half, creating 8 very good goal attempts with 4 shots directly in goal, having also 70% possession of the ball. The goalkeeper Neuer didn’t had much work to do. We could see him most of the time of the match standing on 40 metres from his goal.

The biggest chance was also the goal, when Thomas Muller  was in the right place at the right time to get to the rebound inside the box, and he fired the ball low into the middle of the net. It was 43th minute of the game.

That was 0-1 on half time.


When Bayern have scored first in UEFA competition, they have won 82.6% of the time. And so was on this game.

On 56 minute of the game, the ball was in the back of the net when Arjen Robben  kept it cool and scored for 0-2. Juve fans were devastated. That was an amazing solo efort from the Dutch striker.


Paulo Dybala found himself some space inside the box to get on the end of a pass from Mario Mandzukic, and he send the ball into the bottom right corner for 1:2 . It was hope in the eyes of home fans.

The hope was with reason. In 76th minute Stefano Storaro scored great goal when he received nice cross from Morata and made it draw 2:2. Fans in Torino were happy already.

Bayern Munich have enormous advantage with this two goals, but we will see in two weeks if Juventus still have energy and wish to make it in next round.