US fans are not so happy after the draw for Copa America yesterday hold in Copa America Centenario, neither the players of the national team should be. They are in the “Group of death”.



Jurgen Klinsmann was not so happy man after the draw, but he tried to cheer it up with some hopeful words:

“Obviously it’s a difficult group, no doubt about it, but it’s doable,” Klinsmann said after the draw. “We had a similar kind of scenario in Brazil and we went through, so now we start with Colombia right away instead of Ghana.

“Colombia is one of the top teams in South America, no doubt about it. Paraguay is a strong team. Costa Rica we know,” he added. “We start right on our toes with the opening whistle in Santa Clara. It’s exciting.”

The American draw started out with Paraguay, arguably the toughest team in Pot 4, but the real drama always lied in Pots 2 and 3. Costa Rica was the worst-case scenario of the teams in Pot 3, so when the Ticos emerged from the bowl, a Group of Death billing was all but ensured given the powerhouses awaiting in the final pot.


Klinsmann expressed a similar sentiment about the U.S. showing at the 2014 World Cup. The reactions to the U.S. World Cup draw two years ago were even more negative than Sunday’s draw reactions. That World Cup draw was seen as a worst-case scenario, complete with a brutal first match against familiar foe Ghana. That brutal draw produced an opportunity for the Americans to step up and exceed expectations. The U.S. did just that, surviving the ‘Group of Death’.

“Would you like an easier group? Maybe on the paper, but then no group is easy,” Klinsmann said. “We’ll take it the way it is. We’ll have done the same with Brazil and we’ll do it now too. And then we’ll go out there and give it a go.”