Last night it was big derby in football Champions League in Europe. It was magnificent game in every aspect, since the teams that played were one of the most rich clubs in Europe.

Chelsea started the game very good with one brilliant chance from Diego Costa who used the cross to him and shot it directly with his head but Trapp made very good save to his goal and kept the sheet clean.

Then it was the Ibracadabra show. PSG had freekick in around 20 metres from the goal of the guest. He shot directly in the left side but the ball hit Mikel in his body and changed the direction just enough to lie Courtois on the other side and watch the ball goes to the goal with no reaction.


Mikel was very motivated after that and had his revenge on this unlucky moment. After one corner kick he recieved the ball very nice and shot it very fast and easy scoring for his and make it draw 1-1.


The moment of the night was the substitution of Lucas Moura with Edinson Cavani. It was a period with a lot of chances for the both teams to win, but Cavani was the luckiest one.

He recieved very good ball in front of Chelsea’s goal in the left side and scored brilliant goal threw goalkeeper’s legs and makes it 2-1 for the win in 78th minute of the match

All goals and highlights you can watch on the video.