James Mothibi was responding very arogant when he said Orlando Pirates don’t know who their defensive midfielders are and made the comparison to Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets, who constantly covers the men behind him.

He mentions that Issa Sarr goes forward too often and that there is a lack of discipline in that position.

“The defensive midfielder is there to help out the two centre-backs by giving them cover to stop the counter attack from the opposition,” Mothibi told Goal.

Mothibi’s awareness gave him freedom to speak about their position lack.


“Issa Sarr is going too much backwards and forwards.

“Just to be honest with you, we don’t have discipline in terms of position.

“We don’t know who exactly the defensive midfielder is.”

He then made the example of Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets who understands his role and never moves from his position.

“I can make an example of Barcelona.

“You will always get Sergio Busquets there. He never moves.

“Dani Alves moves and that short boy the left-back Jordi Alba moves but Gerard Pique and the guy next to him along with Busquets always stay to give cover to the defence,” Mothibi added.

Pirates will have midfielder Oupa Manyisa back soon and with him returning from injury, Sarr and Thandani Ntshumayelo’s duties in the middle of the park would no doubt be lightened.