Both teams are from North London and the distance between them is just 8 miles on 20 minutes with bus. Arsenal and Tottenham both have 51 points on the championship table and they are just 2 points less behind the leader Leicester.

Nobody think of Leicester City winning the title since their last match and lost against Arsenal at London. One thing is sure , if Leicester City starts losing and Arsenal and Tottenham continue playing like this, North London will have the Premier League title after many years.


Today’s Tottenham is much different than Tottenham from couple of years ago. This is not team that will be satisfied if they take the 5th place and qualify for European Cup. This days Tottenham is team that is hungry for victories, hungry for trophies and they are proving it with great games and stability. Although the captain is the great goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, the leader in the team is Mousa Dembele who is helped by Harry Kane and Jan Vertonghen and provide great results this season winning 14 out of 26 games.



After Welbeck’s goal last second in their last match, Arsenal perhaps is having the most important moment of the season. The chances of getting the tittle is very big since they will have the rest of the matches in win or die style. Most of the time in the last couple of season they were finishing on 4th place and they were just qualified for the Champions League and not proceeding much in advance. If they managed to stay healthy with the players condition they can dominate the finish of the season. Because this season their players had 128 injuries , much worse than the Spurs which had 75.

Till the rest of the season Arsenal and Tottenham have very hard and interesting. The gunners will play two times with Barcelona and once with Manchester United, West Ham United and Everton. Meanwhile, Spurs will play with Fiorentina two times, Manchester United and Liverpool. They also have one decisive match between them.